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J                   ulia & Jordan

We hired W.E.D. for full service planning and DJ services, and Lynn (and Matt) did not disappoint! We were engaged for six months without planning a thing due to the overwhelmingness of it all, so when I told Lynn that we needed someone to "hold our hands" throughout the process, she did! She always had vendor suggestions, and if we wanted to go outside of her suggestions, she would give advice and help manage the communication. Honestly, if we didn't hire W.E.D., we'd probably still be planning our wedding! In the throes of it I would always joke "we should've just eloped!", but we had the best wedding day ever, and W.E.D. was a huge part of that. The price was also reasonable and the ROI priceless. Thank you Lynn and Matt for everything!

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Abby & Dave - Emily Moelker Photography.jpg
Abby & Dave

Lynn was the best decision we ever made for our wedding day! We booked her design&decor, floral, and day-of coordination, and couldn't have been happier with all three services. She gave expert advice throughout the process, made sure that every last detail was attended to, and solved problems before they became a problem. She's a great communicator, prompt and proactive. The preparation before our day, coordination throughout our day, and follow up with us after our wedding was exactly what we needed and didn't even know to ask for. 5 stars, highly recommend, would hire again :) THANK YOU LYNN!!!

Amy & Joe

I’m a very headstrong and stubborn person and I didn’t think I needed a wedding planner. LOL. What a nightmare my wedding would have been without the expert guidance and help from Lynn. Throughout the process she made both of us feel so supported and like we were in really good hands. The level of care and attention made us feel like our wedding was her only priority during an exceptionally busy year for weddings. Lynn expertly navigated so many facets of the day and remembered all of the details. She got us a Saturday in 2022! She literally saved the day (twice that I can count, and probably more ways that I wasn’t even privy to.) Lynn advocated for us, asked clarifying questions and pressed some issues with vendors to be sure we were covered. She is a really clear communicator and was direct. We also got a ton of compliments on the music and the way Matt managed the dance floor energy. Everyone had so much fun! Thank you for accommodating all of our music requests. We also really appreciated Matt’s quick thinking to do the photo race through with the tables when We were feeling too overwhelmed and tired to talk to everyone. The event was beautiful, we both had such an exceptional time. Our only complaint is that it went by so fast! Thank you to Lynn and Matt for throwing us such a great party and helping us celebrate one of the most important days of our lives. We couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Ashley & Jade

This is long overdue. To get straight to the point, I highly recommend W.E.D for wedding planning, decorations and DJ services. We took advantage of all three and have ZERO complaints. Not kidding, ZERO complaints. It is not very often that people can get to the end of the night and say "I wouldn't have changed a single thing." My wife and I look back at our wedding and that is what we are left with. Not one thing we would have wanted to change. Now, I have no idea if the team at W.E.D had any chaos or frustration, because they never told us and I'd argue that is how it should be on your wedding day. They handled everything for us and it was truly perfect. Now, to add a few other details for anyone who might be like me. I did not think we needed a wedding planner. It seemed like a waste of money, but my wife disagreed. I wasn't so excited about meetings either. I am probably a little too "go with the flow" for the average person, especially a team like W.E.D that needs to know every detail, but I am just being real. Hiring W.E.D was simply to make sure my wife felt good going into the wedding. That said, despite having to change wedding dates due to COVID, despite going from a small wedding (state mandate), to all of a sudden everything is lifted and now we can invite our entire wedding list, W.E.D was excellent. They managed to juggle changes for other couples, were clear that communication would occasionally be later than expected, because June/July 2021 became mass chaos in the industry. We got married on July 17th and despite everything W.E.D was going through, they made our day absolutely perfect and once again, my wife was right! Even if you are on the fence, hire a wedding planner. I'll take that one more step and say hire W.E.D. Lynn and I have complete opposite personalities which was SO needed. She came through in every way you can imagine and I cannot thank her enough. Lynn, thanks for making me a believer in hiring a planner for significant events, like our wedding. Thank you for your patience as we tried to figure out what would make a perfect day for us. And, lastly, thank you for giving us the day that we dreamed of. Cheers!

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